One thing about Mac OS X that annoys me.

Keyboard input methods – this is one thing that has been bugging me since my switch to Mac OS X.

Actually it is more like 3 problems.

The first one is the way I have to cycle through input methods using Cmd+Space and Alt+Cmd+Space. I know 4 languages (Chinese, English, French, and Japanese) and as a result use 7 keyboard layouts/input methods daily (English, French, Simplified Chinese Pinyin, Traditional Chinese Pinyin, Cantonese Pinyin, Hiragana, Katakana). Cycling through the keyboard layouts and input methods is becoming tedious. I still prefer the Windows way, where I can assign a keyboard combination (e.g. Alt+Shift+1) to each keyboard layout and input method.

The second problem is the lack of official support for non-West-European input in the X11 environment. All attempts to build, install, and use UIM or SCIM have been unsuccessful.

Finally, the Traditional Chinese Pinyin input method seems to be a bit quirky. Sometimes it tends to feed out the wrong character. For instance, typing “zhang1” gives me “章” among the candidate characters, but if I select that character, the input method sometimes feeds the “杖” character instead.

Apple, please tackle these problems in the near future. I believe it will do you good in expanding your market in East Asia.

3 thoughts on “One thing about Mac OS X that annoys me.”

  1. Hi, I am trying to find out how to type cantonese pinyin on mac.
    What program are you using? I’ve heard about Canton IM but I can’t seem to install it on the new leopard system..
    please give me some advice.. thanks!

  2. I’ve also tried to install Canton IM in mac osx but failed also, are there still any other cantonese input method?

  3. @amanda and @Johnson:
    I have tried Canton IM myself, and I have pretty much given up on on it. I now use Fun Input Toy almost exclusively, for both traditional and simplified Chinese, but that’s just because I can manage well enough with pinyin.

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