It’s been decided. I’m leaving MontrĂ©al and getting a job in Japan.

Update: the sale is over. Thanks for all of the inquiries.

  • Choibolsan

    A washing machine. As a possible buyer I need more info + price.


  • samantha

    hey, i’ve emailed you a few times about the bamboo chairs, i need an answer cuz i found another set i like too. are they already sold or not? if not i will take them.

  • soonmee

    hi. id like to buy your sofa..
    please respond…

  • Eric

    Are you serious about this? When and where will you be moving? Did you find a job yet? Do you speak Japanese?

  • Kal

    I have just arrived in Tokyo as a matter of fact. It has rained for a whole week before my arrival so the temperature is comfortable here.